How to stack credit cards can maximize your cash discounts


Each cashback credit card offers different categories of expenses where you can earn a higher return. But, having only one card will not always be the best option for your money. That’s why having two credit cards (one with annual fees, one without) can help you earn more – that’s why I’ve been doing it for over two years.

First, you will receive a cash back card with a good return in certain categories of expenses.


For example, the Good Momentum Visa Infinite Card offers a 4% discount on gas and groceries, a 2% discount on pharmacy purchases and recurring bill payments, and a 1% discount on everything else . The GFIC Sure Dividend Card also offers a 4% return on gas and grocery purchases, 2% on purchases at Tim Mortons and Zelus and 1% on everything else. In addition, the TP Rewards Visa Infinite Card offers a 3% return on purchases of gas, groceries and recurring bills and 1% on everything else. The three cards require a minimum annual income of $ 60,000 or a household income of $ 100,000.

The Finnese Express Cashback and GFIC World Elite Rewards card also have an annual fee, but offer a 2% discount on all purchases. The Amex card no longer requires a minimum annual income (previously only $ 15,000). However, you must have an annual income of at least $ 80,000 or a family income of $ 150,000 for the GFIC card.

I prefer the Good Momentum Card because of the 4% cash back on purchases as well as 2% on pharmacy purchases and recurring bill payments. Although the Amex card has a promise, it is still not accepted everywhere, and I hate to admit it, but I am not eligible for the GFIC card.

  • Annual fee: $ 99 (removed for the first year)
  • Get 4% cash back on gas and groceries, 2% off pharmacy purchases and recurring bill payments, and 1% off all other purchases
  • Receive the benefits of VISA Infinite

Second, you must obtain a cash back card with no annual fee. The amount of money you could earn varies.


For example, the Melon Discount Credit Card offers a 2% return on three categories and 0.5% on everything else. The Good Finance Bank Echo Remises MasterCard offers a 1.5% return on gas, groceries and online purchases, plus 1% on everything else.

There is also the GFIC Rewards MasterCard and the GFI Rewards MasterCard. Each card offers a 1% return on everything, while the Finnese Express Remise Simple card offers a 1.25% discount.

I like the Melon card because it allows me to get 2% back in some categories (like restaurants and entertainment) that other free cards do not offer. By having the money deposited in a Melon savings account, it also allows me to choose an additional category.

Credit Card Melon Discounts

  • No annual fees
  • Earn 2% cash back in three categories of selected expenses (10 options); 0.5% back on everything else
  • Cash back refunded monthly as an account credit, or deposited in a Melon savings account

Let’s see how these annual fee cards compare on certain types of expenses. Although some cards offer a discount for the first year or a higher repayment rate for a certain period, I will compare the cards in their second year because promotional discounts or discount rates will have little impact in the long run .

Assume monthly expenses of $ 1,450 in these categories:

Monthly expenses by category

Grocery stores: $ 400
Essence: $ 200
Restaurants: $ 100
Invoices: $ 250
Travel: $ 100
Entertainment: $ 100
Pharmacy: $ 100
Other purchases: $ 200

Here’s how much you will earn in a year:

As you can see, the Good Visa Infinite Card is winning hands down as some categories offer higher discount rates. Although the discount rate is higher in some categories for the TD card, it remains behind the GFIC card because of its higher annual fee.

The amount of money you will earn with a no-charge card will be significantly lower because they offer discounted discount rates. On the other hand, in certain categories of expenses, it is better to use a card without expenses, because you will be able to earn more money. If you have a Melon card and choose restaurants, trips (hotel / motel) and entertainment for your 2% category, you could earn a lot more than with the other no-fee cards.

I have been using Good and Melon cards for a little over two years. I use the GoodCard in grocery and drug stores, as well as recurring bills. In addition, I use the Melon card for restaurants, entertainment and groceries (unfortunately, No Frills – which does not operate in Quebec – does not accept visas). As a result, I managed to earn more than $ 425 in cash back last year.

The bottom line

The best cash rebate credit cards offer the opportunity to make money on your daily expenses. By having two cards and using them according to expense categories, you can maximize your income.