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Home financing , dream or reality? Thousands of Brazilians dream of buying their own house, and with the facildades that banks and financiers offer, it is getting easier and easier to make this dream come true. Caixa Econômica Federal, the leader in the housing loan segment and CAIXA for real estate credit, offers several plans for those who want to buy a property through the financing of cash homes.

Largest Real Estate Lenders

 Largest Real Estate Lenders

Caixa Econômica is one of the largest real estate lenders in Brazil for new and used homes, thanks to its credibility in the market for a safe and secure business. In addition to the Funding you can use the CAIXA FGTS Credit Card for home financing , using this Letter of Credit the consumer can make a financing of up to 100% of the value of the property and pay in up to 30 years.

In this financing, the appeal is withdrawn from the FGTS to pay the installments. The CAIXA FGTS Credit can only be done by people who have a family income of R $ 465.00 to R $ 4,900.00 or R $ 4,650.00 if it falls under the PMCMV Program, for the purchase of real estate located in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasília and in municipalities with a population equal to or greater than five hundred thousand inhabitants. In other regions, the maximum income is R $ 465.00 to R $ 3.900,00.

Financing Limit

The financing limit is determined according to the proponent’s indebtedness capacity, the credit risk analysis and the financing quota defined for the operation. The financing quota is defined according to the repayment term: The Client opting for the term of 240 months can finance up to 100%, in 241 to 300 months, up to 90% and from 301 to 360 months, up to 80% of the property value .

Interest is charged on the Household’s own financing is according to family income.
1) from R $ 465.00 to R $ 2.325,00 – 5.12% – 5%
2) from R $ 2,325.01 to R $ 2,790.00 – 6,17% – 6%
3) from R $ 2,790.01 to R $ 4,900.00 – 8.47% – 8.16%

The Letter of Credit SBPE is another facilitator to carry out the financing of the home, with this letter of credit the client can obtain financing of new residential properties in up to 30 years to pay. In this type of home financing , financial resources of the Brazilian Savings and Loan System (SBPE) are used.

Now that you’ve gotten to know a bit of CAIXA financing for real estate purchases and want to know more details about them, look for the manager or the person responsible for financing at a Caixa Econômica Federal branch and good luck.